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The Making Of A Room....

What makes a room? Everyone has their own opinion.....there is not a lot of science behind design. Sure, there are certain standards-- such as how far a sofa should be from a coffee table-- how much space to leave behind a chair for ease of use-- and more.... But, every designer has their own 'take' on what makes a room. Here are several ideas I thought I'd jot down and share with you from my perspective.


Solid or Patterns?
When thinking about upholstery, I typically go for solids for sofas and chairs. I think they can stand the test of time and it is easy to update larger upholstered pieces with patterned accessories such as pillows and throws.  When choosing patterns, it's nice to include a small pattern and a large pattern to play off one another and mix things up a bit.

Adding in texture is important too. Including embroidery, faux fur, mohair, velvet, etc. can help elevate the interest in a room.

Wood Tones
This is a question I get often--do I have to match all the wood tones in my room? My answer is no! I love matching darker espresso colored woods with lighter ones..even white lacquer! What about metal too? This adds interest and makes a room a little more eclectic. If you are a traditionalist, then you probably prefer keeping wood tones the same and that is ok. My taste is more transitional, so I personally like to mix things up.

The 5th Wall (aka your ceiling)
Don't forget about your ceiling, especially if you have a standard "plain Jane" white one!  Think about painting it a darker color (or stripes if you are feeling really confident!)  for a dramatic effect. Another idea is to add a gorgeous pendant, chandelier or other light. You'd be surprised how adding a ceiling lighting fixture in a "regular old"  family room can change it completely!

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