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Love Is In The Air

It may seem far away, but Valentine's Day is not that far off and while I'm not "into" this particular holiday; this year I am hoping to throw some type of red, pink and/or white themed party. Forget about going out to a fancy dinner--have some friends over and share the love while having a nice glass of wine and lots of good food. That said, here are some creative Valentine-inspired ideas for a party and decorating your home:


Start with your says a lot about your home and soiree! (Guess I better get started!)

Have a beautiful table set

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Serve a great (red) drink!
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And, never ever forget dessert
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More decor..hang these over or around your table!

Party Favor Idea: Find small pink or red frames (try Michaels or HomeGoods) and give away....or do what Martha Stewart does...wrap it up (see below)!!

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Merlin said...

Fantastic photos! LUV the inspiration. franki