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Mom's Old Wingback..And More

I love fabric and I can come up with any excuse to buy it for me or a client. I have several rolls in my office that just sit there waiting for a new home....Which brings me to my point for this blog post today....

I have the urge to re-upholster my mom's old leather wingback chair. I am thinking about using it as my office chair, but it could be used in my girls' playroom that I am designing come January. So the dilemma is which room will be its new home so that I can select the fabric! (Ok, I'll be honest, I really think it should be in my office !)

Here's the chair (yes, dusty in my basement):

Here is the fabric I can't get out of my mind :

Surprise-it's a chevron pattern! My drapes are currently yellow and white chevron so I'd have to switch them out. I've now decided to re-do my office as best I can with new wall decor; re-arranging my bookshelves etc.

Just came across this photo as inspiration.. switch to white drapes and do the above fabric on chair. I already own a white parsons desk and white floor lamp; and my walls are black. And check out that ceiling!!!

Here are the fabric options if it goes in my girls' new playroom:

Love this pattern. I would love to do pink and green or pink and another color.
I am still researching, but liked this fabric a lot

Can you imagine how fun a chair covered entirely in ruffles would be?!  I may
just need to buy some of this so that I have it on-hand... Too cute :)
Ok--So which is it folks? 

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