Help Me Decide..Color Palette

So I am in the middle of putting together my girls' playroom. I have the furniture (all white), a bed with white polka dot bedspread, just ordered a black and white chevron rug from Urban Outfitters, but still need to paint (do I use light blue or grayish blue, turquoise??), figure out window treatments, pillows and artwork.

 I LOVE the idea of stripes on the ceiling..the 5th wall as many people say can often be overlooked. Or, perhaps horizontal stripes on the walls..  Here are some of my inspiration pics.. Which are your favs?  Help me decide on the color palette please!

Love this striped ceiling as seen on House of Turquoise 

Love this black and white rug...dramatic and fun at the same time!
Chalk full of inspiration...

Great color combo below! 

Horizontal stripes?

I like how cozy this is with the draped canopy and a great reading spot!

I am thinking of framing my girls' own artwork in white on white frames.
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